Amit released the Macintosh port of FUSE at MacWorld, which lets people write filesystems that don't require kernel code. Greg Miller has written a great sample filesystem for it, SpotlightFS.


Easy way to create services on OS X

ThisService is an extremely handy tool for creating services on OS X. Any script you have that reads from STDIN and writes (if appropriate) to STDOUT can be easily turned into a service.


Google hosting the blog now

Switched to having blogger host my blog under my domain and it has been painless. I don't have Google control my dns, so I can have other hosts on this domain, but after a single CNAME in my domain, I get to have Google still host the blog while it's visible as somewhere in my domain.


Coolest. Lego. Ever.

This has got to be the coolest Lego gadget I've ever seen.

I wonder how many mindstorms bricks it took to make - I think I counted 6 in the video, but I'm sure I could have missed some more.

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