QuickLook + TextMate

QuickLook plugins for TextMate - there's one that lets you view source files in your project with TextMate, and another that lets QuickLook use TextMate to render syntax-colorized views of source code.

Both are at CiarĂ¡n Walsh's blog.


ZIP file Quick Look plugin

XX posted a free Quick Look plugin that lets you examine ZIP, TAR, GZip, BZip2, ARJ, LZH, ISO, CHM, CAB, CPIO, RAR, 7-Zip, DEB, RPM, StuffIt's SIT, DiskDoubler, BinHex, and MacBinary on his MacItBetter blog.


Free album on iTunes

Get 34 free tracks, courtesy of tunecore, at http://www.tunecore.com/freealbum.

They're a specific set of tracks from tunecore customers, and I liked a few.


Leopard Security Roundup

Thomas Ptacek of Matasano Security posted a very good review of the various Leopard security features on their blog, matasano chargen.


Remove APE before insalling 10.5

There are known issues with Unsanity's APE extension and 10.5. Remove it before upgrading to 10.5.

You may not realize you have APE - Logitech's mouse driver is known to use it, and AudioHijack Pro's Instant hijack is also known to use it.

If you are getting the blue screen and no loginwindow, you can nuke APE without a reinstall with the following steps:

  1. Boot into single user mode by holding Apple+S on startup

  2. fsck -fy /

  3. /sbin/mount -uw /

  4. rm -rf /Library/Preference Panes/Application Enhancer.prefpane /Library/Frameworks/Application Enhancer.framework /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Application Enhancer.bundle /Library/Preferences/com.unsanity.ape.plist

  5. sync;shutdown -r now

John Gruber has more background on this in an article he wrote on Daring Fireball here and Apple posted a KB article about this here.

Open Finder selection in TextMate

The Pug Automatic posted a nice little applescript you can add to your Finder toolbar that lets you just click the button to open the selected files/folders in TextMate.

Grab it here.


Plugin to export pictures as archives from iPhoto

Joey Gibson wrote a handy iPhoto 7 plugin that lets you export photos as zip, tar.gz or tar.bz archives.

Download it here.

iPhoto plugin to export pictures as archives

Joey Gibson wrote a handy iPhoto 7 plugin that lets you export photos as zip, tar.gz or tar.bz archives.

Download it here.


Hack your 1.1.1 iPhone

iNdependence is a handy gui that will help you revert your iPhone to 1.0.2, then prep it so it can be jailbroken once 1.1.1 is installed.

Then all you need is AppTapp to get Installer.app, and you're golden again.


iPhone 1.1.1 jailbreak!

3rd party applications should be back soon!

BSD level stuff is running again, 3rd party apps need recompilation.

Via gizmodo.


Synthetic GPS for your iPhone

There's a Navizon application available with installer.app on the iPhone now. It triangulates your location based on known cell tower positions and updates the map on the iPhone.

Pretty sweet. (Courtesy iPodHacks)


In other news, cold fronts moving in in hell...

Sun to Become Windows Server OEM.

Seriously, don't they remember what happened when SGI released windows boxes?

Well, their motto doesn't mention anything about not being evil, so I guess it's ok...

Nice blog entry on zdnet about how, even if you have a system explicitly set to not update automatically, Microsoft will silently update your machines with no notification or asking permission.



Extra Apps for iPhone

To sum up:
Installer.app is a UIKit based package manager for the iPhone. It works by downloading packages over WiFi (wireless networking) or EDGE. It supports installing, updating and uninstalling applications from multiple sources.

Very painless, very cool.


Th-th-that's all Folks!

Groklaw has a good article explaining what the latest court ruling in SCO vs Novell means in detail. To sum up, SCO lost, Novell does indeed own the UnixWare and UNIX copyrights.

And SCO owes Novell big bucks for the licenses it sold Microsoft and Sun.



sshd on iPhone

There is a nice little summary of pointers to how to get more unixy stuff installed on your iPhone at The Unofficial Apple Weblog.


Cat Cam

J. Perthold has a very cool website explaining about his project to create a collar-mounted camera for his cat. He goes into detail about which camera he used, schematics of the custom board he made to control the camera and periodically take a picture. You even get to see a few days worth of the life of his indoor-outdoor cat, Mr. Lee.



Subversion scripts for Finder

Adam Brytek posted a list of AppleScripts for OS X Finder that allow you to do a bunch of convenient Subversion commands here.

The current rev supports

  • Add

  • Commit

  • Delete

  • Revert

  • Status

  • Update


OSX process snapshots

Amit Singh posted details of how to make a snapshot of a running process - memory, registers, the works - here. He posted source code for a program that will make the snapshot, too.

The really cool thing is that you don't need to make changes to the program for his technique to work, and taking the snapshot doesn't force the running process to halt.


More MacFUSE

MacFusion is an Open Source GUI for MacFUSE. It currently supports SSH filesystems and Secure FTP filesystems, but it has a plugin architecture so I expect to see more supported filesystems soon.

ProcFS for MacFUSE

Amit Singh has released procfs (with source) for OS X here. You'l need to have MacFUSE installed for this to work.


Speak out against Real ID

Here's a quote from privacycoalition.org:

Organizations have launched a nationwide campaign to engage the public in the debate over what would be the first national identification document. These transpartisan, nonpartisan, privacy, consumer, civil liberty, civil rights, and immigrant organizations have joined in this unique public education project because the REAL ID proposal put forth by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would harm our lives in a multitude of ways every day. The proposed regulations set requirements that states must follow to have their state issued identification documents accepted for federal purposes, like getting on an airplane or entering a government building, including courthouses.

Do you really want the same guys who think that shampoo is too dangerous to go in your carry on to force you to carry a national ID? Isn't that what a passport is for?


Fun web wargame

I found a nice little wargame online the other day - weewar.com.

It's turn based so you don't have to commit to blowing all your free time on it, and simple enough to play quickly. Feel free to invite me to a game - I'm jpb there.


HandBrake 0.8.5b1 Released

All sorts of nice stuff. Cool new features include AppleTV support & surround sound.

Get it here.


Good Firefox extension for GMail

Lifehacker has a post here showing how to use the extension they've compiled a bunch of good Greasemonkey extensions for making GMail even more easy to use into.

More keyboard macros, adds icons to messages with attachments, saving searches, a helper for making a new filter based on the message you're looking at, and more goodies.


Google Desktop for Mac

So I can finally talk about this. To sum up, very cool. You can use it for launching applications like Quicksilver, or just use it to search the docs on your machine like Spotlight, only with less frustration. And you can have it search your GMail account, too.


Fun with iPhoto

Nathaniel Grey has a great little plugin for iPhoto that lets you use your own scripts when you export photos here.

You can specify scripts that get run before the export, for each file in the export, and after the export. And they can be in real languages, not just AppleScript.



Get subversion to launch on boot on OSX

There's a good article on how to get subversion server to start on boot on OS X here.


Free, and handy for the OS X based web developers.


"Designed to allow web developers, who deal with many projects at once, quick access to FTP, hosting accounts, domain name accounts and more. Especially when dealing with off-site shared hosting, keeping track of usernames and passwords can be daunting. Serverskine eliminates the terror by allowing you to quickly organize, search, edit, and backup all of your important account information."


MacFUSE 0.2.2

Another MacFUSE release, with bugfixes and sample filesystem source code. Get it here.

Replace AppleScript with Ruby

There's a great article on replacing AppleScript with Ruby at O'Reilly's MacDevcenter here.


Ugly hack to use AppleScript to present a dialog from a bash script, and get their choice.

I am reposting this from my old blog because a coworker ended up needing this. This has only been tested on 10.4, though nothing in it is all that special.

I was trying to slap a prettier interface onto a bash script for a client. I only bothered to use an AppleScript instead of just sending it to Growl because I needed them to be able to make a choice that I’m going to act on in my script. Even if it was just for display, I didn’t particularly want them to have to install Growl just for my little script.

This is ugly because I had to use a temporary file to store the AppleScript to display the dialog. It is also ugly because we can’t just display the dialog – we get an error message if we try – but we can tell another application to display the dialog. I picked System Events because it’s always running anyway.

This method also allows us to use a program-generated message instead of something static.

And just for the heck of it, I stuff the name of the button the user clicks into a variable, in case you want to use this snippet to display choices for the user.

#! /bin/bash

msg="Giant cracks appeared in the earth’s surface!"

# use $$ here so that the process ID of this script is part of the file name.
# this makes it a lot harder to accidentally step on another instance
# of the script that’s trying to also display something to the user.


# note that there should be 3 lines between EOF and EOF, in
# in case this is mangled by blogger

cat>$tf <<EOF
tell application "System Events"
display dialog "$msg" with icon stop buttons {"Foo", "Bar", "OK"} default button "OK"
end tell

foo=`osascript $tf | awk -F":" ’{print $2}’`

echo "foo: $foo"

# don’t forget to trash the temporary file when we’re done with it.
rm $tf



Amit released the Macintosh port of FUSE at MacWorld, which lets people write filesystems that don't require kernel code. Greg Miller has written a great sample filesystem for it, SpotlightFS.


Easy way to create services on OS X

ThisService is an extremely handy tool for creating services on OS X. Any script you have that reads from STDIN and writes (if appropriate) to STDOUT can be easily turned into a service.


Google hosting the blog now

Switched to having blogger host my blog under my domain and it has been painless. I don't have Google control my dns, so I can have other hosts on this domain, but after a single CNAME in my domain, I get to have Google still host the blog while it's visible as somewhere in my domain.


Coolest. Lego. Ever.

This has got to be the coolest Lego gadget I've ever seen.

I wonder how many mindstorms bricks it took to make - I think I counted 6 in the video, but I'm sure I could have missed some more.

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