RubyCocoa 0.11.0 released

RubyCocoa 0.11.0 is out. Build Cocoa applications with Ruby. Download it from Sourceforge.


Subversion scripts for Finder

Adam Brytek posted a list of AppleScripts for OS X Finder that allow you to do a bunch of convenient Subversion commands here.

The current rev supports

  • Add

  • Commit

  • Delete

  • Revert

  • Status

  • Update


OSX process snapshots

Amit Singh posted details of how to make a snapshot of a running process - memory, registers, the works - here. He posted source code for a program that will make the snapshot, too.

The really cool thing is that you don't need to make changes to the program for his technique to work, and taking the snapshot doesn't force the running process to halt.


More MacFUSE

MacFusion is an Open Source GUI for MacFUSE. It currently supports SSH filesystems and Secure FTP filesystems, but it has a plugin architecture so I expect to see more supported filesystems soon.

ProcFS for MacFUSE

Amit Singh has released procfs (with source) for OS X here. You'l need to have MacFUSE installed for this to work.


Speak out against Real ID

Here's a quote from privacycoalition.org:

Organizations have launched a nationwide campaign to engage the public in the debate over what would be the first national identification document. These transpartisan, nonpartisan, privacy, consumer, civil liberty, civil rights, and immigrant organizations have joined in this unique public education project because the REAL ID proposal put forth by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would harm our lives in a multitude of ways every day. The proposed regulations set requirements that states must follow to have their state issued identification documents accepted for federal purposes, like getting on an airplane or entering a government building, including courthouses.

Do you really want the same guys who think that shampoo is too dangerous to go in your carry on to force you to carry a national ID? Isn't that what a passport is for?

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