Fun web wargame

I found a nice little wargame online the other day - weewar.com.

It's turn based so you don't have to commit to blowing all your free time on it, and simple enough to play quickly. Feel free to invite me to a game - I'm jpb there.


HandBrake 0.8.5b1 Released

All sorts of nice stuff. Cool new features include AppleTV support & surround sound.

Get it here.



Good Firefox extension for GMail

Lifehacker has a post here showing how to use the extension they've compiled a bunch of good Greasemonkey extensions for making GMail even more easy to use into.

More keyboard macros, adds icons to messages with attachments, saving searches, a helper for making a new filter based on the message you're looking at, and more goodies.


Google Desktop for Mac

So I can finally talk about this. To sum up, very cool. You can use it for launching applications like Quicksilver, or just use it to search the docs on your machine like Spotlight, only with less frustration. And you can have it search your GMail account, too.

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