Fun with iPhoto

Nathaniel Grey has a great little plugin for iPhoto that lets you use your own scripts when you export photos here.

You can specify scripts that get run before the export, for each file in the export, and after the export. And they can be in real languages, not just AppleScript.


Use Google Calculator as OS X Service

Christopher Biagini packaged up an OS X service that wraps Google Calculator here.


Get subversion to launch on boot on OSX

There's a good article on how to get subversion server to start on boot on OS X here.


Free, and handy for the OS X based web developers.


"Designed to allow web developers, who deal with many projects at once, quick access to FTP, hosting accounts, domain name accounts and more. Especially when dealing with off-site shared hosting, keeping track of usernames and passwords can be daunting. Serverskine eliminates the terror by allowing you to quickly organize, search, edit, and backup all of your important account information."

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