Cat Cam

J. Perthold has a very cool website explaining about his project to create a collar-mounted camera for his cat. He goes into detail about which camera he used, schematics of the custom board he made to control the camera and periodically take a picture. You even get to see a few days worth of the life of his indoor-outdoor cat, Mr. Lee.


Snorii said...

That's pretty neat. I may have to try that out.

maneesh said...

You can set up your very own DIY pet monitoring system by using any simple, off-the-shelf webcam. Even old, unused ones that you may have lying around will work. Decide on the number of cameras you wish to set-up (usually - one in every room that your pet may walk around in, with a maximum of 4 cameras). Once you're done with this, use a webcam software like GotoCamera www.gotocamera.com that's easily available on the internet. Some of them even offer a basic version of this service for free. By paying a bit more ( usually, not more than $4 a month), you will get a whole bunch of added benefits such as motion detection, email alerts, mobile alerts, etc.

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