So this is what a 50mm f1.8 looks like inside...

I would have been quite happy without finding out exactly what my 50mm f1.8 looks like inside.

I was going through airport security in San Jose on my way to visit family in Chicago and TSA had to hand check my bag because I had forgotten there was a leatherman in it. Once they spotted my "contraband", they insisted on unpacking the bag instead of letting me do it. The next day, I took the lens cap off to shoot a picture of my niece, and the whole front assembly fell off into my hand.

I only started using a DSLR a few months ago, and on the recommendation of a coworker at Google, the 50mm f1.8 was the first lens I bought besides the kit lens that came with the XSi body.

I loved this lens - nice and sharp, much faster than the kit lens, nice color, nice and light. I ended up using it far more than my other two lenses.

Here's a shot I took of Xan McCurdy with it at the Cake concert at WWDC -

Not bad for a $90 lens. That said, the reason it's so nice and light is that the innards are mostly plastic, and the front assembly that came off is held on by four tiny (3mm or so) plastic fingers, two of which appear to have sheared off on mine.

Ended up deciding to replace it with the Canon EF 50mm f1.4,which I'm impatiently waiting to arrive.

More Cake shots:

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