Andre Norton ill

>From Laura J. Underwood's post at the Knoxville Speculative Fiction Association's newsgroup today:

"Word from Sue Stewart is that Andre has been released from the hospital so she can go home and pass away peacefully in the company of her cats and the people who take care of her.

Ms. Norton contracted a serious case of flu and bronchitis, and was under a high fever for a while. She spent her 93rd birthday in the hospital. The fever broke, and for a time she seemed to be getting better and was even eating and talking about going home, and looking forward to the publication of her next book (due out in April, I think), but word is that she is still battling illness, and getting tired, and not doing well.

Still, Sue Stewart has asked that people please send cards and letters and flowers.

The address is below:

Andre Norton
1007 Herron Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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