Setting up Rendezvous Bookmarks on Mac OS X

This actually turns out to be fairly simple, if you're using the Apache Apple shipped. Conveniently enough, the default configurations for both Client and Server (as of 10.3) include all conf files found in /etc/httpd/users (on Client machines) or /etc/httpd/sites (on Server).

All you have to do is create a new file (I called mine rendezvous.conf) in the appropriate directory, with the following content.

<IfModule mod_rendezvous_apple.c>
# Only the pages of users who have edited their
# default home pages will be advertised on Rendezvous.
# RegisterUserSite customized-users
#RegisterUserSite all-users

# Rendezvous advertising for the primary site is off by default.

RegisterResource "Foo Bookmark text as shown in menus" /foo
Redirect /foo http://www.foo.com

RegisterResource "Bar Bookmark text" /bar
Redirect /bar http://www.bar.com


Now all you need to do is sudo apachectl graceful and the bookmarks you added to this file should show up in the Rendezvous submenu of the Bookmarks menu for people on your LAN.

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